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FIRE BLADE is equipped on a general purpose robot and can run on a 6m conveyance stroke and at a maximum high speed conveyance of 15SPM. The name originates from the speedy motion fire spitting out.
Max.Payload*1 (Max.Payload)50kg
Total Weight (Total Weight)200kg
Feed Stroke (Feed Stroke)±2000 mm
Max.Takt Time*2 (Max.Takt Time)15SPM
*1 The Max payload include a weight of tooling and is based on the NACHI MC280L robot model. Since the maximum load depends on the robot, for more information please contact Oyabe Seiki.
*2 Data is derived from a dry cycle with a distance of 600mm between presses. Since maximum tact time varies depending on the robot, please contact Oyabe Seiki.

SCORPION is a shuttle feeder that runs at a maximum 12SPM conveyance speed and a conveyance distance of 2m. The name originates from the motion of a scorpion’s tail.
Max.Payload*1 (Max.Payload)20kg
Total Weight (Total Weight)630kg
Max.Feed Stroke (Max.Feed Stroke)2000 mm
Max.Takt Time*2 (Max.Takt Time)12SPM
*1 The value of Max Payload is maximum weight of conveyable materials. There are cases that depend on the shape of materials where SCORPION can’t convey it. Please ask us for details.
*2 The value of Max Tact Time is maximum tact time. There are cases depend on the shape of materials where SCORPION can’t convey it on this tact time. Please ask us for details.

SALAMANDER is a sheet loader used in tandem press lines that reaches a maximum production speed of 20SPM. The name originates from its strong and speedy motion.
Production speedMAX 20SPM
Feed stroke3350 mm
Dual feed synchronization using a linear servo motor with two axes
lift stroke700 mm
Blank size and weightMax 1800 x 4000 mm 40kg/pcs
ANACONDA is a SCARA type robot that is able to realize 12m conveyance distance. The name originates from its motion like a large snake.

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Oyabe Seiki participates in the process from start to finish including writing proposals, development, manufacturing, transport of products, buy-off at the customer’s location, as well as other processes for customer demands. We look forward for your inquiry.