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Development department

Development department Mr. Masashi Takanaga

His work

At our department, we are developing the latest state of technology depending on customer needs. I am in charge of designing machines, which needs me to start a project from scratch; including planning, designing, even sometimes having to assembling and testing it all by myself. At the end of each project, I write a report instructing other staff members on how to construct the new machinery.

Rewarding moment

I feel it is worth to do this job even when it is not easy. When your customer says thanks from their heart, and make comments about the equipment such as, “production is faster,” or, “the times we had to stop the line have decreased.” Day in and day out, sometimes there are failures and we test the machinery again and again, but when at last my ideas come to fruition to then help customers make a good production, I feel that all that effort is well deserved.

Sales department

Sales department Mr. Takayuki Arisawa

His work

In the sales department, we get many inquiries from customers, and according to their wishes, we make a quotation. As our equipment is made in an order by order basis, I can’t make a quotation without talking about the costs with other departments. Sometimes we even receive orders for unfinished jobs. We act as the bridge between the customers and the design departments. We also follow the project until the equipment installed at the customer’s plant. Also, I think it is very important to give much more information than what the customer demands to create better and effective machinery.

Rewarding moment

My customers who usually meet with always are responsible for buying critical machinery for the plant so they have a lot of pressure. And I can feel that they can really relax and be satisfied when the machinery is installed and runs well. I passed this good message to my team and they also feel same way. I really enjoy this feeling with customers and my colleagues.

Service department

Service department Mr. Ichiro Iwata

His work

Experienced staff members from each department (Design, Assembly, Adjustment and Inspection) get together in the service department. We correspond to any kind of inquiries and troubles related to our products from our customers regardless of domestic or international. 1. Correspondence to operation method, maintenance, complaints and etc.
2. Correspondences to the customer’s demand for spare parts, inspection, repair, modification, etc.
3. Quick responses to machine troubles from the processes of investigation and arrangement of replacement parts to the actual repairing work.

Rewarding moment

The work of a service staff member starts from a correspondence to a customer’s inquiry and the staff deals with the whole of process of “merchandising and manufacturing” such as quotations and receiving the order, designing, parts purchasing, shipping and delivery. I believe that the experiences that you can gain in this department will really help in your career.

Assembly department

Assembly department Mr. Niri Wu

His work

Our main work is equipment adjustment work at our factories and at the customer’s site. I always pay attention to this work as this is the final production process before shipping. I check for defects in the equipment and find bugs in the software. Then I give feedback to a person in charge. In this way, we complete our product by our united efforts. FE is a short for “Field Engineer”. As written is the word, I have to go to everywhere in the world for my work.

Rewarding moment

My rewarding moment is when I got appreciative words from my customer such as, “The production line in my factory has achieved full capacity operation thanks to Oyabe Seiki’s machinery.” “It is very easy to use and workers will get used to it soon.” “It is very reliable and rarely get broken. We will also buy Oyabe Seiki products next time.” I forget all of my fatigue caused by various troubles when I hear these word and I can motivate myself toward my new goal.

Machine operation department

Machine operation department Mr. Hiroyuki Hosoi

His work

We process mechanical parts by machining tools as our main work of this department. As a member of this department, I also prepare NC data for automatic operation of processing machines.

Rewarding moment

My rewarding moment in this company is when we made a company emblem by my NC program. The company didn’t have CAM software to create any NC programs until I entered this company. Therefore, I had to learn how to use it from the beginning. I brainstormed many times with my co-workers on how to succeed in creating a curved surface because the company had never done such a three dimensional processing before. At first, I was only intent on my work with machine motion not to clash it, but I finally succeeded in making the 3D emblem as I expected. That success was a really rewarding time for me.

Clutch division

Clutch division Miss Mai Narus

Her work

I belong to the Clutch department and work in our factory. Our products are vital parts of the press machines. Press machines don’t work if there is a defect, regardless of its severity. We should be very responsible for our work because of that. Also, we always review our regular production process to make improvements. One thing I keep in my mind for my work is smooth communication to make a good cooperation with previous processes and after processes. I always make an effort to make good quality products by completing each process in a faithful manner.

Rewarding moment

There were many things I didn’t understand very well when I entered this company. So, I tried very hard to learn while I worked. I made many mistakes because of my lack of understanding. Now at least a year has passed, and I think I have improved through Sometimes I make some mistakes. But, I feel satisfied with my work when I get a good result from my effort. I believe that a continuous effort in improving myself leads to my own growth. Not only that, I also feel satisfied when I support workers at our site when I do office work. My work doesn’t relate to our production directly, but I can realize my contribution to our business. I will keep trying to improve myself and motivating myself to get great results.

Job type mechanical design, electric and control design, sales, business management, production
Application qualifications a person who is expected to graduate from graduate school, university, college, junior college, technical college, or high school
Application method private application and school recommendation are both acceptable
Application document resume, academic transcript, certificate of expected graduation, certificate of health
Date of selection At any time (We will contact to the applicant after application)
Selection process interview, general knowledge and aptitude test
Venue for selection At Corporate Headquarters (2020, Shibue, Oyabe-city, Toyama, Japan)
Starting salary
Graduate school graduates \205,000
University graduates \195,000
Junior college or technical college graduates \175,000
High school graduates \160,000
Bonus Twice a year (Jul. and Dec.) 3.5 month’s salary on 2015
Salary increase Once a year (Apr.)
Insurance health insurance, welfare pension, accident compensation insurance, employment insurance, Defined Contribution
Holiday complete five-day workweek system Holidays in the year: 112 days(depend on our company calendar)
Regular working hours 8:30 AM~5:15 PM (10 minute rest periods, a 45 minute lunch break, scheduled working hours 8 hours)
Workplace Corporate Headquarters or Toyama factory (TTC) 
Contact in Japan Corporate Headquarters 2020, Shibue, Oyabe-city, Toyama, Japan Tel: 0766-69-8131
Please apply on the Contact Form.
We welcome a company tour any time.
Please feel free to contact us when you have any interest.

Recruiting policy

As our business develops, our seeking human resources are diversifying year by year. Your major and nationality are no object for our recruiting because we believe that a wide variety of ideas and skills will lead to us success. We are looking forward to meeting you who are honest and have flexible thinking.

Mid-career recruitment

We are hiring experienced people all year round. (Please ask for the detail)

TEL: +81-766-69-8131

Location: >2020 SHIBUE, OYABE, TOYAMA 932-0137 JAPAN


Oyabe Seiki participates in the process from start to finish including writing proposals, development, manufacturing, transport of products, buy-off at the customer’s location, as well as other processes for customer demands. We look forward for your inquiry.